Thursday, 1 October 2015

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DrK (Klaus Schmierer PhD FRCP)
Multiple sclerosis has been DrK's clinical and research focus from the beginning of his training in neurology at the Charité Hospital (Humboldt University), which followed undergraduate studies in Berlin and Jerusalem. In 2001 he moved to London to pursue a career in academic neurology, initially as a Research Fellow, and from 2005 as a Wellcome Intermediate Clinical Fellow at the UCL Institute of Neurology, and a Consultant Neurologist (Hon) at The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery, Queen Square. Here, he investigated the histo-pathological correlates of quantitative MRI using standard and high-field MR systems to improve disease monitoring in people with MS. Following appointment in 2009 at Queen Mary, where he is a Reader in Clinical Neurology, his clinical-academic work now includes (i) quantifying the pathological substrate of disease deterioration in pwMS using MRI and quantitative histology; (ii) further developing the BartsMS Database (the MS Trust's QuDos runner up 2015!); (iii) in vivo MRI studies to improve the early diagnosis of MS, and (iv) investigator-led and commercial clinical trials.  DrK considers Cladribine the best
currently available 'allround drug' for people with MS.

MouseDoctor. Has an ology.
The MouseDoctor spent his academic career based at different places of the University of London . He was awarded a BSc (Hons) in Zoology from Bedford College in 1983 and was awarded a PhD from London University in Immunology/Pathology in 1987 for work at the Institute of Basic medical Science on immunological tolerance induction in delayed hypersensitivity of the skin. He then spent six years as the Angela Limerick lecturer, for multiple sclerosis research at the Hunterian Institute, The Royal College of Surgeons of England working on delayed hypersensitivity in the brain, where he developed an active research interest in multiple sclerosis. He took a 5 year Principal Fellowship to the Institute of Ophthalmology , University College London in 1994 and became the first Senior Fellow of the Multiple Sclerosis Society and moved to the Institute of Neurology , University College London in 1999. He became a senior lecturer in 2003 and got a personal chair in 2004 as Professor of Neuroimmunology. He moved to Queen Mary in the autumn of 2006. 

Canned Pictures is a journalist with experience as a script writer for an Ex Prime Minster and worked on Newsnight for the BBC. They have MS.

BartsMSBlog a cyborg collective
This is a lab portal for anyone (shy members) in the group to use

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